Adoptable Dogs

Livestock Guardian Dogs

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Ace LGD

Hi! My name is ACE, and Iím a Great Pyr/Anatolian LGD, who was born in 2014. Guess that makes me almost 3! Iím a hard-working LGD, who is happiest when Iím guarding my goats! My previous owner had me to guard her herd, but when she didnít have any more goats, I was miserable, and acted out. I tried to be a good house pet, but I canít help itÖ I love my career! My Foster says that Iím doing a great job guarding his goats, and patrolling the perimeter, to keep out any troublesome pests! Iím VERY gentle with the nannies, and let the billies know Iím no pushover! I get along with house pets, and love children! One thing, I need to be paired with another LGD, so I can continue to work in the pasture. So, now that you know about me, do you think you could use a hard-working young man, who makes it his lifeís passion to guard YOUR goat herd? If so, get that application in! Thanks, ACE

Name: Angel LGD

Hi all! My name is Angel, and Iím looking for my very own group that I can guard! If you havenít guessed it by now, Iím a 7 year-old Gen-u-ine Livestock Guard Dog, with the ďStay away, Iím working!Ē attitude. My previous owners gave me up, because they couldnít handle my barking. (A Pyr that barks? Preposterous!) Iím great at my job; my last one was with the same flock of goats and sheep for 4 years! All I was doing was taking care of business, like any good LGD would! I have a great smile, double dews, and have all my vetting. So letís add me to your group, so I can do what Iím happiest at doing: Guarding my charges! So if you think I would be just what you are looking for, just go to, and get that application in! Just tell Ďem ďAngel sent me!Ē Thanks!

Name: Comet Ward LGD

Comet Ward is a Livestock Guardian boy that was born approx 1/2012. He is currently guarding goats and has become much more social with the humans. If you are interested in adoption please go to our website at TXPYRS.ORG

Name: Dolly LGD

Hi my name is Dolly Sue Parton and I LOVE Goats!! I was born in 2012 and started out on a farm. But one day I was playing with a chicken, and well, it didn't turn out too well for the chicken!! My owner took me to a horrible place called a shelter. This nice lady found me and took me home. She was very nice but something was missing in my life....GOATS!! I missed being the guardian. So she found a group that helps dogs like me find new farms to go to. Now I am back on a farm working with another group of dogs. Some day I will find a new herd. Do you have a place for me?