Adoptable Dogs

Livestock Guardian Dogs

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Buddy Boy

My name is Buddy Boy. Iwas born approx 4/10/2014. I am a LGD in training so I need time to be more mature. I am great around goats but I want to play with the kids. Pocket livestock guardian pyr, Buddy Boy reporting for duty! I have been out in the field with pigs, goats, sheep, and a cow. I am NOT good with chickens but I did well with ducks at my previous owners house. I have not bothered the Muscovy ducks in my foster home. If you've got another dog, I am a beta and will pair up with whoever else is working the field with him. I am a very affectionate dog and would also make a good part time house dog. If I can be of service, let me know! Buddy Boy

Name: Ethel

Hello I am Ethel, I was born on 4/1/2015. I am part of the "lucy" show litter. We were all born in the pasture and have been with livestock since. This the update from my foster, The four pups are doing fine. Ethel is still a little bossy but they all work together. Ricky, Lucy and Lisa all eat together but we feed Ethel separate. Otherwise, they stay together. They stay with the herd when all is well, but when something isnít right, they all have established their separate battle stations. The first day we put them in the goat pen, they all just hung around the goats. After dark, when the goats went inside the barn, the dogs wen in too and sacked out with the goats. At daylight, the goats left the barn and the dogs were right there with them. They have a good routine. Theyíre very low maintenance. We havenít had to teach them anything because they seem to have a grasp on things already. If you are interested in adopting you must have at least 1 adult trained LGD in the pasture to continue our training. Thanks Ethel

Name: Goose

Goose is a young LGD in training. He does well with other dogs, horses, great with goats but DOES NOT do well with fowl. heartworm - NEGATIVE Mr. Goose acted appropriately with goats and baby goats. He also calmly walks by horses and other dogs. He tried to lay down in an empty stall of hay (a quilt on my patio is just not his thing). Mr. Goose has not shown any aggression toward my dogs, puppy and grown male Mr. Goose has a mild ear infection and hookworms; he got medicine today and will be administered - in 2 weeks the second dosage should be given and retested (he should be good then)... Mr. Goose is now flea/tick cleared; and has been on Heartworm/Flea/Tick prevention since being in my care. Everyone at my vet's office thinks he's a sweet, gentle giant of a dog - he is shy but friendly and likes being petted once he trusts people. He is also a good car rider, not sure if he enjoyed it but he jumps in and out, lays down while driving and doesn't make a sound all day so I do all the talking and..."Talk to me Goose"!!

Name: Patty(LGD)

I am Pattie I love my goats and chickens but you can take this hissing critters and move them out!

Name: Sampson

My name is Sampson. I was born 12/24/2013. I'm a traditionally built large Pyr. I live with goats, sheep, pot belly pigs, and a cow. At my former home, I did fine with chickens, whilehe is not in the coop if they fly out, I don't bother them. I have a very sweet disposition but my mind is on the fence line when you put me in the field. I also don't like to share my food and will tackle any animal that tries to steal my sweet, sweet kibble! (I'm good with people during feeding time though!) Just want to mind my fencline and get some love every now and then.

Name: Topaz

I'm Topaz. I was born 3/8/2015. I'm super awesome. I'm still young and learning the ropes of this whole LGD thing, but I'm currently out with sheep, goat and a cow. I have been around pigs but just not happy about being around them. I'm doing pretty well but I need some time to mature. My mom and dad were both working pyrs but my daddy had some golden lab in him. My fur is thick but short and I've got a bushy pyr tail thrown in for good measure. I'm affectionate with people and will run to you in the field to say hi (oh, and of course you're going to feed me too at the same time!). I'd be great on a hobby farm or with an older pyr in a larger field to show me the ropes. Thanks Topaz