Adoptable Dogs

Livestock Guardian Dogs

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Ace LGD

Ace was born in 2014. He was rehomed when his original owner got rid of her goat herd. She tried to re-home him as a pet but he has been miserable and acted out. Currently he is happily guarding his foster's goats and is doing a fine job of patrolling the perimeter. He is very gentle with the nannies, and is dominant over the billies. He got along with the previous owner's house pets and was great with children. He will need to be paired to continue to work in the pasture.

Name: Angel LGD

Hello I am Angel. I am a Female livestock dog that was born approx 7/2009. I am the traditional stay-away-Im-working lgd. I was separated from my goat and sheep flock because I barked at night and the new owners can't handle.I have been with same flock for 4 years. I was taking care of business. I have Double dews. I am now all vetted and ready for another flock so I can take care of business! Please put me to work!!! Thank you Angel

Name: Clara LGd

Name: comet ward LGD

Comet/ward was found in one morning in a goat pasture at the farm of his rescuer. They realized his skills immediately as he patrolled and was far more protective of the goats than the anatolian shepherds they had previously purchased. Nonetheless, they had no place for another large breed dog, so he was sent to TGPR.

Name: Dolly LGD

Hi my name is Dolly Sue Parton and I LOVE Goats!! I was born in 2012 and started out on a farm. But one day I was playing with a chicken, and well, it didn't turn out too well for the chicken!! My owner took me to a horrible place called a shelter. This nice lady found me and took me home. She was very nice but something was missing in my life....GOATS!! I missed being the guardian. So she found a group that helps dogs like me find new farms to go to. Now I am back on a farm working with another group of dogs. Some day I will find a new herd. Do you have a place for me?

Name: Trixie LGD

My name is Trixie and I am soooo happy that I have been rescued. I was living on a farm with goats, but noone fed me and there was no shelter, so I kept running away. Finally a good Samaritan picked me up on the highway and took me to a place called a rescue shelter. I stayed there for awhile until they found a new ranch for me to stay. I am so excited to show what I can do here! More updates to come! Trixie